TME Online Performance Coaching

$388.88 every 4 weeks with a 7-day free trial

Our Online Coaching for Athletes service offers a fully personalized training experience tailored to your specific needs and goals.

The Merrimack Elite’s Premier programming and Periodization

AND, a 30 – 45 minutes call directed for your needs and the directions we want to go.

AND, 8 week fully periodization workout plan updated weekly based upon prior weeks numbers.

AND, The 1st week of the programming is free to see if its a great fit to you.​

AND, Video Breakdowns on your lifting form and breakdown on your game highlights

AND, Full nutrition plan to suit YOUR body and metabolism.

AND, 100% your money back guarantee.

AND, 30% Coupon for the store for a one time purchase. ​

AND, 24/7 Support.

AND, Free T-Shirt